21 ORganizing goals for 2021

Organize your life and home in 21 easy steps.

The Only Workbook You'll Need to Get Organized Once and For All.

Are you struggling to get organized? Not sure where to begin or how to stick with it? This workbook will help!

Hey, I'm Shara Ryan. I'm a Professional Organizer and blogger.

I have a passion for organizing. This stems from being naturally drawn to simplicity and structure in my home. The experience I have helping clients organize their homes, along with my desire to inspire women achieve their goals, inspired the creation of this workbook.

This Guide Will Help You:

Here's a sneak peak.

This workbook is divided up into 2 categories. One involves you as a person- the goals you set, how you manage your time, and working through emotional roadblocks. These exercises will help prepare you to organize your home better. The second category dives into the organizing process. The goals alternate between working on yourself and organizing your home. That way you don’t get burnt out trying to organize your home and your life all at once.  


Goal 1: Brain Dump

Try to write first thing in the morning. Write whatever comes to mind. This helps you keep track of your thoughts and prioritize tasks.


Goal 7: Slim Down Your Wardrobe

I know it's a challenge for women to purge clothes that don't fit anymore. These two tips will help you move in the right direction.


Goal 13: Organize Closets

Closets contain things we use each day. Dividing up the space and utilizing good storage containers will keep stuff organized for all family members.


Goal 18: Create a Meal Plan

Mean planning can be a challenge when life gets busy. Create a master plan ahead of time to save time, taking the guesswork out of what to eat.

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